Electric vehicle charging stations are available at Cherry Capital Airport! Passengers and the public can conveniently charge their electric vehicles in the Short-Term parking lot.
  1. Tap your credit card on the contactless payment icon located at the front of the charging station to start your session.

    Driver Note: This option does not collect customer information so neither a receipt or a summary of the charging session is provided.
  1. Download the ChargePoint app and create an account.

    Driver Note: With a registered account, you will receive a receipt that includes a summary of the charging session once completed.

Cost to Charge
$1.00 per hour, plus applicable parking fees
$8.00 per charge maximum, plus applicable parking fees

TVC map
Three Ways to Charge
  1. Use your phone
  2. Utilize the app: The app will guide you step by step through the charging process, which drivers widely recognize as the easiest method.
  3. Insert your credit card