Healthcare Services

Entrusted by over 300 healthcare locations across North America


SP+ Healthcare Services is the parking, transportation, and shuttle operation provider of choice among a multitude of hospital systems across North America.

Our expertise in parking and transportation, combined with our exceptional quality of service, comprehensive healthcare service support training, robust financial controls, and ability to provide sustainable support at both the regional and national levels, make SP+ the partner of choice for hospitals across the country.

SP+ Healthcare Services is committed to serving the needs of patients, staff, and visitors while continually delivering on a commitment to quality and keeping an eye on the future.

Patient Experience

Patient satisfaction is our top priority. We are extremely familiar with satisfaction and experience surveys and have worked with many facilities to track and improve services for patients, visitors, and team members.

Empathetic Hospitality

From day one, we welcome new team members with onboarding through our engaging learning experience. Specialized, healthcare-specific training is provided to team members and leaders creating a safe and consistently excellent experience for patients.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

SP+ Healthcare Services has a deep and incredibly experienced team of key personnel to support planning and operations.


>> Technology - Allowing employees to enter and exit the parking location with their mobile phone replacing traditional models like clickers or fobs providing a touchless model.

>> Flexible Parking - With flexible parking programs we can provide prepaid parking, online reservations, and monthly passes tailored to less frequent users.

>> Valet - We can simultaneously provide a VIP experience and solve challenging space constraints through a valet or valet assist program.

>> Real-Time Analytics - Acting as a data aggregator, we bring the data together, in various analytical formats, allowing us to demonstrate patterns and relationships and share the information on a seamless platform to our operations teams and clients.

>> Transportation - We transport over 53,000,000 passengers annually with our fleet of over 1100 vehicles.We can connect your people to your facilities and provide services such as fleet procurement, vehicle maintenance, dynamic routes and scheduling and cloud based performance management.

>> Remote Monitoring Services - Our RMS program offers online facility monitoring capabilities and off-site management solutions that can help you maximize automation investments, enhance customer service and move to a higher level of financial performance from your facility.

Our Healthcare Services

+ Shuttle Buses
+ Vehicle Transport

Patient Care & Experience
+ Wheelchair Transportation
+ Observation Patient Sitters
+ Patient & Visitor Screeners
+ Concierge & Ambassadors

Parking & Facility Management
+ Complete management of garages and surface lots (gated or gateless)
+ Cutting-Edge Technology Integration
+ Valet
+ Plus Spaces
+ Enforcement
+ Planning & Consulting
+ Facility Maintenance

Clients & Testimonials

The SP+ Technology Team provides support for the evaluation and implementation of technology solutions.


The SP+ Technology Team provides support for the evaluation and implementation of technology solutions. Leveraging its industry knowledge and expertise the team assesses individual client needs, designing and overseeing the implementation of support capabilities at location and remotely

“This project has increased our efficiency and overall management of our 6 parking garages to provide a better experience for patients, staff and physicians.”
Miami Valley Hospital

For more information please contact:

Brett Munkel, CAPP

Vice President, Healthcare Services
p: 770.845.6180

Heath Hawkins, MHA

Manager, Healthcare Services
p: 918.944.3174