Tips for a Fun Boston Weekend

Tips for a Fun Boston Weekend

Boston is one of the most popular cities in the United States and for a good reason, there’s a lot of great things to do in Beantown! It’s very well known for its baked beans (Yum!), quality of life and being a neighbor to top tier universities like MIT and Harvard, making it a great city not only to live in, but to explore for a weekend trip.

This article is going to take you through some fun activities that you can do for a weekend trip to Boston. Not only that, we will also show you the best parking locations near the area!

New England Aquarium

Who doesn’t love animals? Boston’s New England Aquarium is home for many different kinds of sea animals. The aquarium has penguins, lobsters, seals, octopus, anaconda and more. Aside from just being able to observe these animals, the aquarium also has several exhibits that allow you to learn more about certain species of marine life. Have you ever wanted to learn more about sharks? How about penguins? Maybe you’ve always wanted to see adorable little seas lions play with one another in an open-air exhibit? All this is possible through the exhibits that the New England Aquarium offers.

Something unique about the New England Aquarium is that they care about giving back to the community by offering volunteer and internship programs. They also have plenty of educational resources for the community and teachers to learn more about marine wildlife. Parking close to the aquarium has never been easier thanks to the garages that has to offer!

Take a stroll through Public Garden

What makes Public Garden so special? For one thing, it was the first public garden in America, established in 1837! Walking through Boston’s Public Garden is a relaxing experience that any child or adult will enjoy.

This garden has a strong theme of ducks. How is that possible you may ask? The “Make Way For Ducklings” statue is the most popular statue in the whole garden, and one of the most popular in all of Boston. It’s really playful and has a childlike energy that makes it a perfect statue to take pictures of to show on Instagram! Moreover, children love taking part in the Duckling Day Parade, where they dress up as little ducklings and walk the path of Mallard Family in Make Way For Ducklings. How cute!

The garden also offers the community boat rides on its lake plenty of open space to enjoy time as a family or with a few friends. One of the best features of this garden is the fact that has a Public Garden garage just a 5-minute walk away!

Learn about baseball history in Fenway Park

Just like the Public Garden, Fenway Park is unique in that it’s the oldest ballpark in major league baseball. It’s pretty evident that Boston is a city of firsts! The home of the famous Red Sox may be relatively smaller than others, but it makes up for its size with its rich history and the Green Monster. Aside from being the oldest ballpark, it has hosted events in other sports such as hockey and soccer and has hosted the World Series ten times!

Visitors can take tours of the stadium while learning about its respected history and some of the famous teams and players to have made iconic and hall of fame moments on the field. This will surely make visitors appreciate the stadium’s past and the game of baseball next time they see a live game! You can experience this all while knowing that your vehicle is parked less than a 5-minute walk from the stadium.

This quick guide to activities in Boston will assure that you have an exciting experience during your next weekend trip! Whatever your plans are, find discounted Boston parking with