Grab a Bite to Eat by Harvard Medical School

Grab a Bite to Eat by Harvard Medical School

With the new academic year approaching, you’re going to want to know where you can grab a bite to eat between classes. After all, it’s important to have some brain food to power through your long study days. has a few options we think you’ll love! The best part is that we’ll also provide you with parking locations near the restaurants around Harvard Medical School. You’re very welcome.

Fall in love with a Cozy Gastropub at The Squealing Pig

Just a short 5-minute walk away from Harvard Medical School, The Squealing Pig is a gastronomist’s dream. The Squealing Pig serves a variety of different foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a very friendly and fun atmosphere.

Don’t let the name fool you, they do offer some vegan-friendly options as well as meat lovers’ dishes. From avocado toast to pancakes to shepherd’s pie and much more, you’ll have a tasty meal to satisfy any level of hunger. And of course, The Squealing Pig has several amazing drinks for that post exam celebration with friends! Be sure to tell your designated driver about our nearby parking lot.

Explore the other side of the world at Laughing Monk Café

Mixing Thai food with a sushi restaurant, the Laughing Monk Café puts a new twist on Asian cuisine. That’s right! When you’re craving some sushi while your friend wants “real food” there is a compromise! Have vegan friends? Laughing Monk Café has vegan and vegetarian options as well, even vegan sushi.

The great thing about the Laughing Monk Café is that you can also order online directly through their website in case you’re short on time. If you’re having a private event where you need catering or a restaurant space, they can accommodate your needs. Just like with the Squealing Pig, be sure to tell your guests to park in our lot to be just a few steps away from the Laughing Monk Café.

Gain a bit of culture with every bite at Café G

Let’s get a little more creative. If you have a bit more time on your hands before a class starts, be sure to check out Café G. This restaurant inside a museum offers great food options, with lunch available Wednesday thought Monday or dinner available Thursdays. Serving food that’s a bit higher-end, such as fried calamari with jalapeno honey and vegetable pickles, it differentiates itself from the other restaurants on our list.

What really makes Café G so unique? It has a beautiful glass-enclosed Renzo Piano-design that will take your breathe away. If you want to stay longer and not eat, be sure to check out the museum itself! If you don’t want to stay long because you’re worried about parking, don’t you worry, has a lot just a 5-minute walk away.

With these recommendations, you’ll be sure to power through your next class or study session knowing you’ve had a great and healthy meal! Grab a bite by Harvard Medical School and know that has parking nearby when you have class.