Major Exploration in Denver, Colorado

Major Exploration Opportunities in Denver, Colorado

Colorado is well-known for its extensive outdoor adventures and its capital, Denver, displays that perfectly. From rocky mountain views to lakes and rivers, forests, trails and so much more, you’ll never be short of adventures in Denver. That being said, Denver also has many indoor activities to choose from as well. With museums, distilleries, and stadiums among other things, there’s something for everyone in Denver. With all these variations of events, it’s hard to choose when planning a fun weekend or a quick day trip around the city. Maybe you want to go rock climbing? Maybe enjoy a good museum?

We’re here to give you some great suggestions to quench your thirst for Denver exploration in the beautiful Mile High City. We’ll not only give you great recommendations on activities, but we’ll give you great suggestions on where to park around those activities as well. has got your back!

Watch a game and eat like a king in Coors Field

If you’re a fan of baseball, Denver’s Coors Field is a must see when visiting. Even if you’re not a fan of baseball, learning about the home of the Colorado Rockies will definitely make for an interesting day out with friends or family. What makes this ballpark unique? It’s named after the Coors Brewing company and yes, there is a brewery inside! This means you can enjoy some award-winning beers in Coors Field’s very own taproom during Colorado Rockies’ home games. When it comes to food, Coors Field delivers. The Wazee Market, Mountain Ranch Club and Helton Burger Shack, which has the approval of long-time Rockie first baseman Todd Helton, are fan favorites when visiting the ballpark. This means that visitors will not only enjoy a great baseball game and some beers, but they’ll also be able to enjoy quality burgers, a great bar & grill and a food market all within the ballpark. Talk about a good time! Make sure to check out Coors Field when you’re in Denver and as for parking, we’ve got you covered with lots around the ballpark!

Let your foodie self roam around Union Station

When going to any city, finding great places to eat can be an adventure of its own. Denver has many great spots, but we’re giving a special shout out to the restaurants around Union Station. Union Station has been one of Denver’s famous landmarks for almost 130 years. Now, the famous landmark is home to over 10 restaurants with anything from an ice cream shop, to a full fancy restaurant.

While there are many options for food, Union Station has also become a well-known spot for shopping in Denver as it also has many stores. It’s because of this that we provide parking garages near the area. There’s nothing more annoying than carrying a bunch of bags full of clothes to a faraway parking spot. Union Station truly is a place that offers a fun night out with some friends and an experience you can’t miss.

Enjoy some art from the Denver Art Museum

It’s always a great idea to explore art when going to a new city. You get to see the creativity of people from the area and see how others perceive it. The Denver Art Museum has many options for any art lover from classic British art to more modern art.

The Denver Art Museum also holds frequent events and happenings throughout the year. These events allow you to take tours of unique exhibits and some are even interactive events and workshops for the general public.

It’s obvious that Denver has plenty of great fun activities that are open to anyone! From outdoor experiences, great food and art galleries, Denver is a city that has it all. Next time you’re in Denver, try some of our suggestions to be sure to have a great trip! Plus, you’ll know that there is parking available close to your destination through!