Top 3 Activities Near University of Colorado – Denver Campus

Top 3 Activities Near University of Colorado – Denver Campus

With the school year starting up again soon, you’ll likely be busy with classes and exams. That’s not to say you shouldn’t explore activities near your campus. Everyone needs a good work-life balance after all. hopes to make that easier for you with our suggestions for the top 3 things to do near the University of Colorado’s Denver campus. We’ll even take it a step further and suggest a few parking locations to make sure your vehicle is safe.

Enjoy different types of events at the Pepsi Center

The Pepsi Center in Denver is a well-known arena the boasts many different types of events. Most famous for its sports events by hosting many basketball games, going to college near the Pepsi Center is any sports fans dream.

If you’re not into live sports, don’t worry, the Pepsi Center also hosts live concerts! With musical groups such as Slipknot, Chris Brown, Backstreet Boys and the Jonas Brothers just to name a few, the Pepsi Center hosts concerts for many different music genres. Be sure to stop by when you have free time and grab some food while you enjoy some memorable shows!

Have a laugh watching live stand up in Comedy Works Downtown

Some days are going to be tough with a lot of workload from your classes. On those days, you’ll need to have a good laugh and enjoy yourself. If you love laughing, you’ll really enjoy Comedy Works Downtown. Simply put, this comedy club hosts a wide array of comedians from amateur comedians to professionals like Ali Wong and Amy Schumer.

The best part of a comedy club is that you can enjoy it for several occasions. Whether you’re going with a group of friends, a date, or just going solo, you’ll have a night full of laughs and great memories. Don’t feel bad if you do go alone, just remember the jokes and tell your friends. They’ll think you’re a comedic genius!

Help yourself to a large selection of cheesecakes at The Cheesecake Factory

Who doesn’t love cheesecake? If you’re having a hungry day and want to treat yourself to something special, check out The Cheesecake Factory. Don’t let the name fool you, there’s much more than just cheesecakes here. The Cheesecake Factory is a full-blown restaurant that’s good for lunch, dinner and low-calorie food. This means you can visit no matter what and when you’re craving to eat.

While they do have a good selection of meals to eat from, the jackpot here is the wide selection of cheesecakes. With 37 cheesecakes to choose from (YES, 37!) there will definitely be a flavor you’ll enjoy. Their flavors range from original to Oreo cheesecake, Cinnabon cheesecake, toasted marshmallow, coffee and so much more. The Cheesecake Factory knows that most people visit them because of their famous cheesecakes, so they offer them for taking away as well!

Whether you’re looking to satisfy your sweets craving or watch a live performance, we hope these suggestions get you excited to be part of the University of Colorado’s Denver campus. always has your back when you need a place to park, so keep on exploring!