Top 3 Activities Near Northwestern University – Chicago Campus

Top 3 Activities Near Northwestern University – Chicago Campus

When you’re in college, some days are full of classes and studying for exams, while others are a lot more relaxing. How should you take advantage of the relaxing times? Do you know your campus and some nearby attractions? If you don’t, worry not, has a few suggestions for activities around the Northwestern University campus. Being, we will obviously help you out with nearby parking as well!

Get creative while you explore the Museum of Contemporary Art

Some students have all the luck. Those from Northwestern University are fortunate enough to have Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art just a few minutes away from campus. It’s pretty obvious by its name, but this museum boasts some of the world’s finest contemporary art pieces to help get your creativity flowing.

The Museum of Contemporary Art also hosts events including live art shows, theater performances, and music performances just to name a few. You won’t just want to visit for an in-between class getaway, night-time visits to see these live performances make this museum a unique experience.

Breathe in Nature in Milton Lee Olive Park

Some days, the weather will be so beautiful that you’ll want to stay outdoors. That’s when you’ll want to check out Milton Lee Olive Park. Named after the first African American recipient of the Medal of Honor in the Vietnam War, this park has is filled with honey locust trees and the most calming water’s edge view while you sit on beautifully black polished granite benches.

What makes this park unique is the Ohio Street Beach. This mini beach inside the park is perfect for unwinding from your coursework with friends. Cover your feet in sand and hear waves crash or go in the water for a swim with city skyline views.

Enjoy some music at the House of Blues

This one is for our readers that love getting a little loud sometimes. While a bit further away from campus, the House of Blues is a must-see if you’re passionate about music. Don’t worry about the distance, has a parking lot just a few steps away! Being the House of Blues, the main attractions are the live concerts they host every day. Tailored more to those who love blues and classic rock, it’s a rock musicians paradise.

If you enjoy going to a bar, but want a slightly different experience, the House of Blues in Chicago is perfect. You’ll also be able to enjoy some tasty burgers, tacos and much more while sipping on beers and other cocktails while you enjoy the music atmosphere it has to offer. Who wouldn’t want that?

Be sure to check out these local attractions when you’ve wrapped up your classes for the day! Don’t forget, since Chicago can be a hassle for parking, makes it so much easier.