24 Leonard

NYC’s Automated Garage
The Future of Parking Has Arrived

Located in Tribeca, 24 Leonard Street is a contactless, automated parking garage where cars are parked using individually controlled sliding pallets to move cars around and is based on the logic of sliding puzzles. For instructions and full user guide, click here.

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Monthly Parking

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An automated parking garage is a fully autonomous system where a vehicle is moved by mechanical lifts, parking platforms and turntables, which rotate and slide, moving the vehicle to an available space in the garage.

It is a great experience for all that visit 24 Leonard! The system is contactless and reduces many worries car owners may have about their vehicle while parking at a conventional garage. Once you enter the garage, the system parks your car and then retrieves it when you need to leave.

Benefits include:

  • Safety: No car damage, opportunity for theft or vandalism. Also, no walking through dark parking areas
  • Conservation: The autonomous system reduces pollution and material depletion
  • Saving Time: Drop off and retrieval time is quicker than conventional garages

The average retrieval time is 3 minutes.

24 Leonard has a back-up generator that automatically takes over, in the event of an electrical failure.

In the event of a computer system crashing, we have a back-up system that takes over until we can get the system back on-line.

Just like any technology, glitches can happen occasionally. However, 24 Leonard always has a technician available on-call for any major issues that occur. In addition, the staff on site are trained to troubleshoot any minor issues if/when a car gets stuck.

24 Leonard has two entry bays, one for oversized vehicles and one for standard sized vehicles.

Oversized Vehicles: The oversized bay can accommodate vehicles such as GMC Suburban, Cadillac Escalade ESV, Toyota Sequoias, etc, but excluding certain extra-wide vehicles such as the Lincoln Navigator,  Jeep Waggoneer, and full-size pickup trucks.

Standard Sized Vehicles: The standard bay has a Maximum Vehicle Height of 6’6” and a Max Length of 206.″ Vehicles in the standard bay cannot exceed an actual weight of 5,511 pounds. This bay will easily accommodate vehicles such Tesla Model X, BMW X5, Audi Q7 and Volvo XC90, and most minivans.

The system has multiple scanners to prevent vehicles that can’t fit in the system from leaving the entry bay. 

Once parked, the pallets that your vehicle sits on are built to avoid fluids from vehicles above from transferring onto other parked vehicles.